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Crapemyrtle Tree
Lagerstroemia indica
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Lagerstroemia indica (Crape myrtle, Crepe myrtle) is a species in the genus Lagerstroemia in the family Lythraceae. From China, Korea and Japan, Lagerstroemia indica is an often multistemmed, deciduous tree with a wide spreading, flat topped, open habit when mature. The bark is a prominent feature being smooth, pinkinsh-gray and mottled, shedding each year. Leaves are small and dark green changing to yellow and orange in autumn. Flowers are white, pink, mauve, purple or carmine with crimped petals, in panicles up to 9cm. Lagerstroemia indica is frost tolerant, prefers full sun and will grow to 6 metres with a spread of 6 metres. Many hybrid cultivars have been developed between L. indica and L. faueri


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